Lula and the misconception of Feminism…

FullSizeRenderWe live in revolutionary times…

During the 2010’s we’ve experienced countless riots, protest marches and debates. We’ve seen governments overturned and reinstated. But, during our revolutionised decade the thought of change has seeped down to a very personal level.

What marks our age is the technological and digital evolution. All of sudden we got access to not only information, but also platforms for discussions. This exposure to different mentalities and ideas creates an environment of self-reflection and one of the subjects heavily debated online is feminism.

I am born in what could classically be called a conservative and very homogeneous place where, even though the information is available, misconceptions often occur. A strong belief in traditional media creates a wall of preconceptions, because all subjects, no matter what they’re about, brought up is viewed from a particular point-of-view. Feminism is one of those subjects.

When we look at the history of feminism most of the time we talk about a very small group of people and let them portray the entirety of the movement – As we do with most things. But, when it comes down to it, it’s about how you define it. I call myself a feminist because I think that there should be equality no matter your biological sex. Feminism is something very personal; It’s a wide spectra of ideas and conceptions of which some you might agree with and some you might not. Feminism is to often compared to the hatred and oppression of men instead of women, but those opinions shouldn’t be ascribed to feminism as a whole and for me they have no part of it what so ever.

I got to thinking about it after reading the article Girl Empowered by Olivia Singer, published in issue 19 of Lula 2014. She ends the article brilliantly by saying

”Feminism is diverse and should be for everyone – for all genders, ages and races, for those directly affected by the oppression go hegemony and for all of their allies – and perhaps that’s the ultimate revolution.”

and I agree entirely.


And then suddenly…

86923718692370  8692373So finally spring is upon us. No more ridiculous layering or craving for a hot drink to warm our cold fingers walking down a grey street with the rain drizzling down. Now it’s all about sunshine and days spent lazily sunbathing on a park bench somewhere. Stockholm has suddenly come to life, and it’s bringing me back from the dead.

Clara and I spontaneously decided to grab a take-away latte and walk along Maria Berget, one of my favourite spots in Stockholm. It was just absolutely wonderful, and fortunately I had my old trusty analog camera with me. Here are a couple of the pictures I took, I sort of love them. Bye for now!


I’m sort of drowning…

Bild 2015-03-11 kl. 18.15

Yes, I might’ve ignored my everyday duties to enjoy the sunny days we’ve had lately. And yes, I might’ve got an examination or two coming up, resulting in me manically studying last minute – but hey, who’d actually want to study when you could grab a cup of coffee in the sun?

Parisienne Street Style by Vogue

01-PFW-Street-Style-Day-5 08-PFW-Street-Style-Day-5 22-PFW-Street-Style-Day-5 05-PFW-Street-Day4-7 06-PFW-Street-Day4-8 20-PFW-Street-Day4-23 23-PFW-Street-Day4-27b PFW-streetstyle-day3-22 PFW-Street-Day2-18 PFW-Street-Day2-21 PFW-Street-Day1-8 PFW-Street-Day1-20 PFW-Street-Day1-22b PFW-Street-Day1-27As I’ve told you before I’m not really fond of the super stylistic fashion spreads and super stylised runways, but I’m absolutely in love with the people behind the clothes. So, as per usual, I’m more interested in this years Street Style and behind-the-scenes photos than what I am in the actual clothes on the Parisian runway. Vogue just posted some fantastic Street Style pictures from this year’s fall fashion week in Paris. I selected a few, since there were over 100 pictures, but you’ll find all of them here.

I love the concept of Street Style. It isn’t about one brand coordinating their outfits – It’s about real people who actually wear the clothes. It’s a wonderful, colourful (sometimes monochrome) fashion frenzy. A mix-and-match made by people with a sense of style and I absolutely adore it.