Time is precious so I spend it with people I like…

brunch1 brunch2 brunch3 brunch4“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Marthe Troly-Curtin, Phrynette Married

I haven’t really realized how right Marthe was, not really. I understood it, on an elementary level, but I never really applied it to my life. The past weeks have been unbearably stressful. Time was rushing by, and every moment I did’t spend infront of a textbook or my university application felt wasted. But, I finally realized that it is impossible to live like that.

Sooner or later you have to take a nice shower, meet some friends and just forget about the ”have-tos” and the ”musts”. Sooner or later you have to live your life.

So, that’s how I’ve spent my weekend. I hung out with friends, forgot about being responsible and slept past 12.00 am. This morning I spent talking about irrelevant things over brunch with some of my oldest friends. I enjoyed it, and if I enjoy it, how can it be wasted?




At the moment my mind is racing, and I can’t keep my focus on one thing longer than 5 minutes. It’s everywhere and nowhere all at once. The result is that I do nothing  I stop listening to the teacher, stop worrying about my future. I shut down and stop everything.

I try. I really do try my hardest to juggle 5 billion things at once. I try to prioritize, but I can’t. I try to live life like I should. I try to do my best.

But, at the end of the day the most important thing is that I try top be happy.

That’s why I shut down, to have a well needed rest from myself. Instead I search for expensive clothes that I can’t afford, because it’s my way to soar away for a while.

At the moment I’m absolutely in love with Zara’s beige, handmade wool coat and Lykke Li’s cooperation with & other stories.

Weekend reading


I have often been called a magazine-whore; or as Carrie Bradshaw so delicately put it ”I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more.” It’s just something about going into a store filled from top to bottom with obscure and mainstream magazines alike. When I need a pick me up I always buy some of the fancier ones, even though it might take me months to actually read them.

My latest finds are the newest issues of LOVE, Suitcase and Wonderland.tidning-2

LOVE is new to me, but oh so beautiful! The layout is amazing, and the writing funny. It’s thick, more of a book than a magazine, so it’s not ideal for flights, but I absolutely love to read it sitting in my velvet armchair with a cup of tea. tidning-3

I bought the latest issue of Wonderland because of one reason; The ”mean girls” theme. They’re celebrating the 10th anniversary and using all of the iconic quotes from the film as headlines. Wonderland isn’t my ideal magazine, simply because it isn’t really my style. But, the photography is beautiful and the models cute.tidning-4


Suitcase, my bible. Ever since I found this magazine at Heathrow two years ago I’ve been in love with it. It combines my two favorite hobbies, travel and fashion, into one luxurious, coffee-table worthy book. Sadly the paper version just comes out once every six months, and I’m a fan of being able to hold it physically in my hands.

Being able to sit down and making time for myself will be the best part of this weekend. Sometimes you’ll just have to switch the tailored pants for tracks and turn of the cellphone. Sometimes you’ll have to make sure that you’re doing what you WANT to do, not what everyone else expects; because, yes, going out is worth a lot – But cuddling up with yourself is priceless.


Sex and the City

Sex and the city

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the show ”Sex and the city”. I’ve loved it ever since the tutus and strappy stilettos in episode one to the flawy maxi dresses and statement jewelry of the last film. It is just a goldmine of quotes and wisdom, put in to witty writing; and it’s just that, the writing, that I think got me hooked on the fictive lives of four NY women.

I’ve always wanted the ability to put thoughts into words like Carrie, or rather Cindy Chupak, the author of the book that the series is based on. To be frank, Carrie Bradshaw is one of the reasons why I want to go into journalism, her and Anna Wintour.

Everyday things

Processed with VSCOcam with b6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with b5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b6 presetSo today is just one of those days when I’m walking around lika a zombie, buried deep in a soft scarf and craving copious amounts hot beverages. Yes, you guessed it; Fall has hit Stockholm in full force and finally I can wear all black and knits without feeling lika a weirdo.

At the moment I live for my new scarf (A H&M find that I haven’t stopped wearing since I bought it 16 hours ago), magazines and bralettes. Fall is all about effortless comfort, and to be frank that is just how I like it.

What else is new? I’m trying to cut down on the amount of cups of tea I ingest in a day (far to many) and I’m trying to structurize my life (since it is very similar to chaos at the moment). It feels like time is just slipping away, and before we know it it’ll be 2015 and we won’t know what happened.


Death in Paris

Screen-shot-2014-09-26-at-12.12.03 Screen-shot-2014-09-26-at-12.12.54 Screen-shot-2014-09-26-at-12.16.08 Screen-shot-2014-09-26-at-12.16.19

Death in Paris is a brand originally based on a graphic design collective in Paris. They make amazing, simplistic handbags ranging between 80 och 130 £. The brand was founded in 2013 and by Mélusine Tran and Natasha Pulaski.

First of all I wish I had the money, and secondly I wish I had the ability to wear a small handbag. I’m that sort of girl who’s always dragging around a big tote filled with ”necessary” things, which results in a lack of petite clutches and such.

On another note; Some of you might have noticed that I’ve started to write in English, and the reason is simple – I’m practicing. I want to study abroad, and I thought ”Hey! Why not start to get a hang of this language thing before I’m of to uni?”.


Backstage at Milan fashion week

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Photos  – American Vouge

I’ve never had the pleasure to visit a fashion week (not that surprising, I know), but I’ve always wanted to. My imagination creates a hectic, stressful, almost pulsating environment of town cars, gorgeous clothing and fabulous people. But, it has never been the actual runways that has entranced me, rather the moments in between. I want to out on the street, snapping pictures of the fashion elite and the amazing street style people have. I want to be backstage, standing still and with a polaroid camera capture the moments.

I think that’s the reason why I fell in love with the album that Vouge released yesterday – Containing some candids from backstage at Milan fashion week.

Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do.



Zuhair Murad campaign F/W 14/15


För några månader sen så upptäckte jag, vad jag själv anser vara, en fantastisk designer – Zuhair Murad. Anledningen till att jag tar upp honom igen är för att han fortsätter att leverera. Hans Fall/Winter kampanj och kollektion för 14/15 består av extravaganta klänningar och otroligt välsydda, två delade kombinationer.

Jag vet inte vad det är som gör att jag dras till hans kreationer, de är egentligen inget som jag skulle bära. Men, jag tror att han skapar en bild av lyx som många eftersträvar. En verklighet som bara ett fåtal människor har råd med och faktiskt kan leva. En drömvärld.

Oavsett vad anledningen är så vet jag att jag tycker om kvalitén och utförandet, och om jag hade några tusen euro att göra av med så skulle en av hans klänningar hänga hemma på väggen.

Hejdå, nu drar jag hem!

Flyget går om bara några timmar, jag är nästan klar med att packa och Lissabon skickar iväg oss med moln och regn (Vilket känns helt ok). De få dagar jag har vart här har vart underbara, och jag kan definitivt tänka mig att komma hit igen. Jag åt på restaurangen Belcant, som hade den godaste maten jag ätit på år, såg Vasco Da Gamas grav och känt det som om jag var långt långt borta ifrån verkligheten. Nu tänkte jag lägga upp några sista bilder innan jag kastar i mig frukosten och försvinner hem till stress, ansvar och kylan igen.IMG_0324

Utsikten från vårt hotellrums balkong var inte helt fel.IMG_0346 Även när det var grått så var det vackert.


Också ännu en bild på vackert kakel, för jag kan inte få nog av det.IMG_0375 Framför allt så bestod Lissabon av kullar och kullerstenar, så klackarna får nog stanna hemma om jag åker hit igen.IMG_0374

Morfar kontemplerar livet, och kartan, vid ett gathörn – Lissabon var väldigt svårt att hitta i.IMG_0362Jag snurrade lite för att kjolen jag hade på mig var så fin.