A new vision of New York – A weekend in 2016

New York.

The city that never sleeps. The big apple. We find many names for those we love, and there are a lot of people who are absolutely smitten with the city. This last October I had an opportunity to visit Manhattan for a couple of days for work. I was doing a radio documentary about emigrated swedes with the soul question: “Why New York?”

New York -2

I started to get it when I woke up, jet lagged. It was extremely early, but New York was still bustling outside the window. As the sun came up I decided to do bit of exploring in the financial district where we lived.

Where we stayed:

As I mentioned previously we stayed in the financial district. We found a great deal on a newly opened Thompson Hotel called “The Beekman“. The hotel is located in Downtown, 123 Nassau Street New York, and it was amazing. It felt like a hidden gem from the city’s golden era – featuring an amazing nine story atrium and a pyramidical skylight.

New York 1

I’ve always heard to stay away from the financial district when visiting New York. It’s sterile and uptight – but I found that I completely disagreed. It was great walking around and feeling as if the people surrounding me were actual New Yorkers. It felt like downtown had a heart and feeling that was lost the further uptown we came.

What we did:

New York-6

We saw the city.

It was why I was there. To understand what the appeal is. Why people cry when they have a run Central Park. Why they want to have breakfast at Tiffany’s. Why so many Swedes would want to move across the ocean to New York.


After numerous interviews and a lot of sightseeing I finally understood. New York is like a teenage romance. It’s up-tempo, fun. It’s a passionate love affair , but it’s only right for a short period of your life. All of the people whom I talked to told me that they couldn’t see themselves raising a family there, growing old. “New York is a city for the young and the reckless”, one of my interviewees told me. And I completely agree.

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