Alpine sunshine and slopes to die for

Hello fellow explorers. News-flash: I’ve been away on a recent (yes, you heard that correctly- recent!) vacation. No more using long lost memories and trying to recall feelings and pictures of travels from way, way, back. If I had a cooking-blog this post would be the equivalent to a steaming cinnamon bun straight from the oven!

Now to the topic at hand –The alps.

Or to be more exact, La Clusaz. A small french village about a 45 minute drive from Geneva which just happens to be my favorite ski-resort in the entire world (or at least when choosing between the ones I’ve actually visited).

It has got it all. Views to die for, amazing slopes and some great restaurants. Especially if you’re a cheese-connoisseur like myself. I mean, do I have to say more than Raclette au pomme de terre?

If you didn’t understand that last part it translates to Melted cheese on potatoes (I know, delicious!) But never fret my dear – La Clusaz just happens to be a very friendly place to the linguistically-challenged. Since there’s been a lot of Brits making their way there for a couple of years now the locals have adapted and most of them understand quite a bit of english by now.

But just in case here’s a vocabulary list with the most relevant phrases in french:

  •  Excusez-moi, parles vous anglais? – Excuse me do you speak English?
  • Je voudrais une bierre, s’il vous plaît! – I would like a beer, thank you!
  • Ou est la piste/l’hôtel/l’hôpital? Je suis trop soûl! – Where is the piste/hotel/hospital? I am to drunk!

So, now that you’ve learnt the most vital and basic parts of the french language (which, if I may say so myself, will make you sound lika a local) we’ve got to move on to some of my favorite parts about La Clusaz.

Even though La Clusaz is a rather small village it has a big ski-system with the highest peak being Balme at 2600 meters above the ocean. If you’re up for more challenging slopes I would absolutely suggest heading up there if only for the view of Mont Blanc.

If you’d like a more relaxing ski-vacation I would suggest keeping to the pistes in Beauregard and Manigod. Even though they slush up quickly if it’s hot they have the best slopes – not to mention restaurant. You can’t forget the decking-days! Just find a sun chair and relax with a beer.

Now pack your skis and prepare yourself for an amazing goggle-burn!



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