Stitch flowers on my skin


Ok, so I’m trying something new…

and, to be honest I felt ridiculous posing outside the local recycling station stressed out because I only hade about 10 more minutes of “the golden hour” (which is a photographers way of saying great lighting). But, since I felt like trying out some new editing tools and I don’t have a model-one-demand service I had to suck it up. Here’s what came out of it. Not great, I know. But, I’ve promised myself to develop as a photographer – and that means practicing my craft each and every day. Learning by doing as they say.

Wearing: Lindex jeans jacket, Lindex t-shirt, Second Hand satin bomber, Levis jeans

I might as well talk a little bit about this new trend we’re seeing – Embroidery. As with everything remotely 90’s related I was hesitant as first. I guess I’m entering the age where the things the fashion industry thinks of as retro and renewable is things I wore during my most embarrassing years. But, however, I’ve grown to love most of the fashion trends that I at first dreaded. Chokers, slip dresses, even the kitten heal has made an appearance in my closet over the last couple of months. I guess that embroidery was the natural step to take now that spring is finally (and I’d like to stress finally) arriving.

No matter if you choose to go at it with baby steps and opt for a small stitch on a plain t-shirt (like the one I’m wearing above) or go full out as with the jeans jacket this trend is here to stay a while (at least in fashion terms, which probably means that it’ll be gone in a month or two). Until then I leave you with heartfelt goodbye.


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