Trendspotting: Fake Fur Details

Fake fur.

If there’s anything synonymous with fall fashion it’s fake fur. Since mankind started to migrate north, demanding warmer clothing, fur has been a fashion staple – today it’s the fake kind that rules the market. You can see it everywhere and on everyone.


So why bring up a trend that never goes out of style?

Well this year I’ve fallen head first for furry details, as you can see from the picture above. I stumbled upon these black  slip in shoes with gold detailing when I was walking through River Island last week. Since then they haven’t left my feet.

After that revelation I wanted more, so I took to the internet to find my favorite fur accessories to share with the select few who actually read this blog.  In the collage  above you can see every drool worthy bag and shoe i found. With a bit of jaw dropping earrings on the side.

Enjoy the shopping spree!



Här ovan ser ni min lilla trendspaning nu när hösten snart är här på riktigt –

Fuskpäls i nya, och lite ovanligare former att gosa ner sig i!

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