Pinspiration #1

Personal style is something ever changing. It’s a living organism. It evolves with seasons, years, trends. Most importantly though is to feed it. Inspire it.

Inspiration comes in many forms. People spotting in the street. Window shopping. Magazines, pictures, music. Inspiration can come when you’re getting your Saturday night snacks in the local shop, browsing shelf after shelf. Personally I’ve gathered more than 900 pictures on Pinterest of solely outfit inspiration. I’ve picked a handfull to post here, to maybe inspire someone else. 

I know, this is a lazy post. Mainly pictures, and pictures I haven’t snapped myself on top of that. I admit, part of why I’m posting this is laziness. But, it’s also a way to showcase what inspires me. How I aim to look with autumn just around the corner. My guding words this season is blue jeans, boots, and tailored office wear. Something for every situation, but with an edge. Something to give me some attitude. I guess, in a sense, effortless.

Hey! It's me, the journalist wannabe who're most often fondly referred to as "adrokable". If you were wondering I'm currently in my last year of a journalism degree at Stockholm University and work part time for the Swedish fashion magazine Damernas Värld.

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