The life of a journalist in the making

Hey hey from a mushy-brained girl working from home. It seems like whenever I have a lot to do I always end up with some version of the cold.  It never really breaks out into a full-blown sickness, but also never really disappears. The upside of working as a journalist is that all you really need to work is a computer, wifi, and a functioning brain. I’m unsure whether I’ve got that last thing at the moment, but It’s at least semi-functioning.
Recently I got the opportunity to hang out with the amazing girls at Spalt PR. They have one of the nicest offices I’ve ever been to. Their showroom is on the top floor of an old building in central Stockholm. All of the little architectural details create a homely vibe. Or maybe that’s just how incredibly welcoming all of the girls working there are?  As you all know I’m pretty new to the professional life of a journalist. So far some of the most valuable things I got to do is to get out in the real world. Maria, the beauty editor at the magazine where I work (and one of the kindest women I’ve ever met, you can find her blog here), allowed me to start going on press meetings. The best part about that is that I get a sense of what the real life of a beauty-journalist might look like.

It has also allowed me to get to know some of the people in the business. Everything from other journalists, editor, brand managers, to PR firms. I really value these contacts. Not only because everyone I’ve met so far is incredibly supportive, but also because these people might be future colleagues or work partners.  Making a good first impression is crucial.

That’s why I’m really grateful to the girls at Spalt. They made me feel right at home!

Hey! It's me, the journalist wannabe who're most often fondly referred to as "adrokable". If you were wondering I'm currently in my last year of a journalism degree at Stockholm University and work part time for the Swedish fashion magazine Damernas Värld.

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