London living #1

I’ve spent the last couple of days basking around in spring-like sun while walking around my favourite areas of London: Hackney, Angel and Shoreditch. Writing this I’m sat in the Shoreditch Grind sipping my late and procrastinating. Being in my last year of university is amazing, but writing about scientific theories in relation to media studies just isn’t as appealing as London life right now. The 15th was spent waking up in Townhall hotel  in Hackney after celebrating Valentines/Birthday with my significant other. 

Some amazingly inspirational interior design in the breakfast room at Townhall Hotel

Is there anything better than hotel breakfast?

Some sun and ice tea at a London café.

Hey! It's me, the journalist wannabe who're most often fondly referred to as "adrokable". If you were wondering I'm currently in my last year of a journalism degree at Stockholm University and work part time for the Swedish fashion magazine Damernas Värld.

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