M.I.A and photography fun

I’m so happy that I scheduled a couple of posts at the start of this week, if I hadn’t I would’ve been missing in action. Wednesday I was hit with a semi-surprise deadline creating a portfolio for a master in fashion media that I am applying for. Panic ensued and now I’ve created almost half a 30-page portfolio in just 3 days. A deserve a pat on the back and a long vacation after this.

Below you can find some photos on the theme “Colour Study” using a yellow monochromatic outfit to create a sense of positivity (according to colour pshycology yellow is connected to the sun and happiness, although it has also been related to sickness).

Hey! It's me, the journalist wannabe who're most often fondly referred to as "adrokable". If you were wondering I'm currently in my last year of a journalism degree at Stockholm University and work part time for the Swedish fashion magazine Damernas Värld.

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