London Lockdown

Pearl jewellery

It's been about five weeks since London went into lockdown and I'm running out of ideas on how to keep busy...

As you've most likely heard by now, the world has gone absolutely mad and half of the population is prepared for a post-apocalyptic zombie movie to come to life, whilst the other is claiming conspiracy - Yes, I'm talking about the current situation with COVID-19.

Now, I am not well-educated enough on the subject to express any personal opinions on the issue, but I have however been affected by the situation. Although having been able to avoid the flu itself, I've gone from canceling multiple trips going home to Sweden and abroad, to losing my job and now working freelance in an unstable climate, to trying every single hobby known to mankind. Everything from macramé to aquarelles, to DIY home decor - I've tried it all.

However, as we enter week 5 of lockdown I have come to a creative halt in my at-home crafting. Although lucky enough to live in a very comfortable flat with a very gorgeous roommate (I.e my boyfriend), and still being able to rent and food, I've found myself rather lackluster lately. So, as per usual when I reach this point in my life I turn to journaling to sort out the mental mess making me moody.

Leading me here - To this space which has gathered cobwebs since Christmas. Hopefully, I can start filling this website with thoughts, inspiration, and stories that might help brighten someone's day or if nothing else battle my own boredom.

Finally, I hope you're all well! And I would love to hear if you've got any tips on how to handle anxiety in the current climate or activities to make the time pass?